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Florida Grown Quality Sod
Best Sod for Florida soils

Superior Sod for Spring Hill Landscaping

At Aventura Nursery, we bring the sod we sell in from Miami. It is grown in a 1000-acre mud bottom field. This is a black, mucky top soil based sod. It is healthy. Install our sod and you will have a lawn to enjoy for many years. Several years ago, the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida published a report based on a four-year study to determine the effects of sod-soil type of the final sod product. They found that, during the first year, it mattered little if the sod was grown in sandy or mucky soil. However, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years and beyond told a different story. After the first year of growth, the sod grown in a muck base produced a far better lawn, with superior turf quality and density, and increased top- growth. In the end, it all comes down to nitrogen which is much more abundant in the muck than the sand.

What type of sod is best for my Spring Hill yard?

Other than looking great, an ideal lawn should be easy to mow, be drought tolerant, resist pests and diseases and be able to withstand varying temperatures.
St. Augustine grass is favored by many Florida property owners because it nicely fulfills all the above criteria and is widely available.
However, it in not the only grass that grows well in Florida.  Others to consider are:

  • Argentine – needs little water
  • Bahia – super drought resistant, hardy
  • Floratam – for full sun
  • Palmetto – for shady areas
  • Zoysia – soft; feels great for bare feet

We offer all the above brands, as well as, Bitter Blue and Seville.

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Shari Kalinka

Amazing selection of plants. We got to tour the huge grounds and expert advice to help us make the right decision. Our pineapple guava tree is beautiful and thriving. They helped us to get her in the car and price was reasonable. We plan on buying more from them in the near future. 5 stars +++

Anna Smith

I emailed them about pests on a houseplant they responded immediately. They had the product I needed . My plant is doing beautiful ly and pest free! I could have gone to a big box chain...I like to support our local shops when I can. Thanks so much!

Beth Berger

Loved this place when we visited this past weekend. Lots of choices and they were wonderful about giving advice and even took us around in a golf cart since it's so big there. We found exactly what we wanted with their help and we're extremely happy and will be back soon!

Frank Tipton

Great selection of exotic and regular plants, along with seeds, fertilizers, tools, grass and chemicals etc. Employees are hardworking and very helpful