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5 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care Company Before You Hire Them

Finding the right lawn care company in Hernando County to take care of your yard can seem like a daunting task. There are seemingly thousands of companies to choose from, and no guarantee at the company you hire will perform the work you want at the standard you deserve. While no screening system is perfect, there are questions you can ask any lawn care company you are considering hiring that will increase the likelihood of getting what you want. In an effort to help you find a company that’s right for you, today we present you 5 questions that you can ask any potential lawn care company before you hire them.

The Questions

1. Tell Me About Yourselves
Any lawn care or lawn maintenance company worth hiring should have a history. How long have they been in business? Are they licensed and insured? How many people do they employ? Can they provide references of satisfied customers? Unless you are willing to give a brand new company a shot at your business, these questions are all important to ask.

2. What Professional Qualifications Do You Have?

Would you rather hire a doctor or lawyer with training and experience in their given field or someone who learned their trade watching YouTube videos? The same question can be asked of your lawn care company. Would you rather hire someone with education and experience in the field, or someone who just went out and bought a mower and started cutting grass? Asking your potential lawn maintenance company for their qualifications is a good way to weed out any unqualified companies before you hire them.

3. Can You Help With Landscaping?

Landscaping is an important aspect of lawn care and maintenance. Can your company help you design the lawn that you want? Can they clear and clean up any dead trees, fallen tree limbs, and dead leaves that may be plaguing your yard? If not, it may be a good idea to go with a company who can. You never know what kind of service you may need in the future.

4. What Can I Do Differently?

It is important to receive polite feedback from an expert about what is working and what is not working in your yard. A decent lawn care specialist should be able to tell you where you are getting too much sun or too much shade. This person should also be able to tell you what kind of plants and grass will work the best on your property. Don’t be afraid to ask for an honest assessment of your current yard.

5. How Often Do You…?

Good lawn care companies will have a seasonal schedule that they stick to for their customers. They will also have a schedule for performing regular duties such as mowing and special duties such as weeding and leaf pickup. It is important to know when and how often these different services will be performed, and your lawn maintenance company should have a plan of action in place for you before you hire them.

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